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Photos: School Art
Otero County Fair, Indoor Exhibits: School Art
Entries: Prior to July 15
    Entries accepted at the Fairgrounds Office
    School art will be judged at 3 PM on Wednesday of the fair

Entry Fees:
    All Exhibitors - No Charge
    For information call: (575) 585-2502

School Art

Each year we have an amazing display of county elementary school art! There are entries which may include home school and private schools. The talent of our young artists in Otero County is wonderfully displayed.
Here are guidelines:
  • Please save and enter your student’s art in your school’s “school art” display.  Each piece of artwork should have the child’s name, school, and grade on the front of the artwork.  It may be a separate tag.
  • Each entry is judged and receives a ribbon and one school entry will be chosen as Outstanding School Art and receive a plaque and a purple rosette.
  • These art projects should take place during the current school year.  
We made some changes last year in the quest to make it easier for you to participate and make your display sturdier.  In the past the swamp coolers have blown some art off the wall.  
  • The school display must have the name of your school prominently displayed
  • Your display must be mounted on butcher paper or poster board (not cardboard) with a maximum dimension of 6 foot wide and 8 foot long (your display may be smaller but NOT larger). We have a limited amount of wall space where we can hang school art and the maximum dimensions are not negotiable. When you look at your display, the long side should run up and down and the shorter side should be left to right.  If you are using butcher paper you may have two strips.  We suggest that you put the art on with a stapler or strong glue.
  • You must turn in your display prior to July 14th at the Otero County Fair Office.  We have volunteers who will hang your display. The office is open Tuesday and Thursday from 8:30 to 5:00 and is closed from 12-1.
School art will be judged at 3 PM on Wednesday of the fair. If you do not follow the guidelines, your display will have the individual entries judged but your school will not be judged for the Outstanding School Art.  Imagine the difficulty of standing on a 6 foot ladder trying to hang a 10 foot display.
You must pick up and remove your display on Sunday, 8:00 A.M. – 11 A.M.  Please find me so I can check your school off the list and note who picked your display up.
We thank you in advance for your participation.  We love the Otero County Fair and we love displaying children’s work and highlighting their talents!  Thank you for your dedication to the education and growth of our children!
Please feel free to call me if you have any questions or need clarification.
Cheeta N. McMurry                               
School Art Chairman                           

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