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* General Livestock Rules
* Open Livestock Show
* Jr. Breeding Livestock Show
* Jr. Market Livestock Show/Sale
* Pee Wee Showmanship Contest
* 4H/FFA Jr. Overall Showmanship

Photos: Livestock
Livestock Judges
Swine Classifier
Wayne Hunter
Sheep Classifier
Wayne Hunter
Cabritos (goats)
Wayne Cox
Mark Trujillo
John Frietze
Wayne Cox
Craig Painter
Chris Fischbacher
Overall Showmanship
Doug Cometti
Pee Wee Showmanship
Doug Cometti
Otero County Fair, Livestock; Junior Market Livestock Show and Sale

  See General Livestock Rules

Entry Fees
  $10.00 per head for all species, and 
  $2.00 per head additional for County Bred Steer, Lamb and Goat Shows
  $2.00 per head additional for Showmanship


Grand Champion, Reserve Grand Champion, Best of Breed and 1st through 6th Places will be awarded in each Department.
See the Section of the Fairbook on Award Donors for the many awards to be presented.
1. All Market Livestock must be on the Fairgrounds by 6:00 pm by Tuesday of the Fair. Livestock can be brought to the Fairgrounds at the times shown on the Calendar of Events and the Delivery Times for Exhibit shown in the Fairbook or this website. These are the only times the New Mexico Department of Agriculture and the New Mexico Livestock Inspectors will be available. All animals must remain on the Fairgrounds until released by the Superintendents.

2. Classes will be determined by the Superintendents. Steers will be classed by hip height and will be weighed for sale and packer purposes only. Swine and lambs will be classified by the exhibitor at check-in, subject to the classifier's approval. Lambs and swine will be shown by breed and classed by weight. Lambs and swine will show at the discretion of the classifier. Market goats will be classed by weight. There will be no top for classification purposes.

3. All animals entered in the market classes will be officially weighed on Tuesday evening of the Fair. Animals must meet the minimum weight or will be ineligible to show at the Fair. There will be no re-weighs. Minimum Weights will be:
  a. Steers - 900 lbs.
  b. Lambs - 80 lbs. (Southdowns minimum is 70 lbs.)
  c. Swine - 180 lbs.
  d. Cabritos - 60 lbs.

4. The Grand and Reserve of each species must sell, except as provided in paragraphs 6 a and b to follow.

5. The number of sale slots for the Junior Livestock Sale will be determined the week following the last tag day in June according to verified entries. A maximum of the following will be sold in the Sale:
  a. The ten (10) qualifying Market Steers,
  b. The sixteen (16) qualifying Market Lambs,
  c. The eighteen (18) qualifying Market Swine,
  d. The fourteen (14) qualifying Market Cabritos,
  e. No other animals will be sold through the sale.

6. Each exhibitor may sell only one (1) animal of each specie, and may sell a total of two (2) animals; provided, however,
  a. if an exhibitor has Grand and Reserve Grand Champion in the same specie, both must sell, and,
  b. if an exhibitor has more than one Grand/Reserve Grand Champion, all must sell.

7. Exhibitors must inform the appropriate Superintendent which animal(s) will be pulled prior to the Junior Livestock Disposition Deadline of 10:00 pm on Thursday of the Fair. Exhibitors must submit a Disposition Form signed by a parent for each animal entered in the Fair prior to the deadline, or their animal(s) will be sent home, except Grand and Reserve Grand Champions which must sell. The 10:00 pm disposition deadline will be determined by the official clock.  Any exhibitor at the designated spot at 10:00 pm, with disposition slip(s) in hand will be allowed to put their slip(s) in the box.  Once the box is removed from the cage, no more disposition slips will be accepted.

8. The Fair Board will arrange for livestock shipping to the packer, however, each animal will be accessed a freight fee. A five percent (5%) fee for sale animals and a 3 percent (3%) fee for packer animals will be deducted to cover shipping and miscellaneous charges. Animals not reaching the minimum show weight are not eligible to be sent to the packer.

9. Maximum weights for packer and sale purposes are:
  a. Steers - 1300 lbs.
  b. Swine - 260 lbs.
  c. Lambs - 130 lbs.
  d. Cabritos - 120 lbs.

  a. County-Bred animals shall include qualified Market Steers, Goats, Lambs, and Swine that have been bred, born and raised in Otero County. Awards will be presented to the winning exhibitors and breeders in the County-Bred Steer. Lamb and Goat Shows.

  b. For the County-Bred Lamb and Goat Shows, exhibitors will pay the fee to show one animal. They may register all their county-bred lambs and goats, but will select only one prior to entering the ring for the show.

11. All market animals will arrive at the fair clipped/sheared in order to enter the fair. No body clipping will be allowed on the fairgrounds but exhibitors will be allowed to do touch up to prepare their animals.

12. The horns of market goats will no longer than 2 inches and must be tipped for safety purposes.

13. There will be no animal clipping in the wash racks.

14. Booster Pot
  a. Booster Pot money will be distributed equally on a price-per-pound basis for the two (2) heaviest eligible non-sale animals per exhibitor. 
  b. An exhibitor may exhibit as many animals as he/she wishes, but may participate in no more than two of the following Booster Pot combinations, and not two of the same species:
  1. 1 Steer
  2. 1 Swine
  3. 1 Lamb
  4. 1 Cabrito
  c. Any exhibitor who qualifies for the Junior Livestock Sale is not eligible for Booster Pot money.

15. Each exhibitor is responsible for the care of his/her animal(s) until released by the Superintendent.  It is the responsibility of the exhibitor to see that both sale and packer animals are delivered to the buyer or correct shipper.  No “home” animals will be loaded until the packer trucks are loaded.  Loading will begin promptly at 7:00 am on Sunday.  Barn clean-up will occur immediately after loading.

16. Exhibitors are responsible for purchase of sale photos for their buyer(s) and/or heifer, stewer rabbit, broiler pen premium grand and reserve grand champion premium sponsor(s).  An exhibitor’s Acknowledgement Form from their buyer(s) and/or heifer, stewer rabbit, broiler pen premium grand and reserve grand champion premium sponsor(s), must be received in the fair office no later than the second Friday in October.
   Buyers and/or heifer, stewer rabbit, and broiler pen premium grand and reserve grand champion premium sponsor(s) are to make their payment to the Otero County Fair Association.  Direct transactions with the exhibitor are not permissible.  The Otero County Fair Association will mail checks to exhibitors no later than the first working day in November once all sale, premium monies and add on monies are collected.  At the discretion of the Otero County Fair Association, partial checks will be paid if the buyer has not paid in a timely manner.  The remaining proceeds will be paid once the Otero County Fair Association is paid by the buyer.


Classification and Show Order
DEPARTMENT A - Junior Market Steers
Classes Shown Short to Tall
A-1 Steers

DEPARTMENT B - Junior Market Lamb
Classes Shown Light to Heavy
B-1  Western Wool Breeds 
Rambouillet, Delaine, Deboutillet, Columbia, Corriedale, Panaman, Taghee, and crosses between these breeds.
B-2  Speckle Face
Lambs that are crosses of wool breeds and medium wool breeds and other pure breeds.
B-3  Black Face
Suffolks, Hampshires, and crosses between these two breeds.
B-4  Southdowns

DEPARTMENT C - Junior Market Swine
Classes Shown Light to Heavy
C-1  Other Pure Breeds - to include all other pure breeds  not listed below.
C-2  Duroc
C-3  Hampshire
C-4  Cross

DEPARTMENT  D - Junior Market Cabritos
Classes Shown Light to Heavy
Classifications to be determined.

Sale Order
1.  At the Exhibitor's Meeting, on Tuesday evening of the Fair, the Livestock Superintendents will choose the specie sale order by lot.

2. The sale order will be:
  a. Grand Champions, then
  b. Reserve Grand Champions, then
  c. Breed Champions, then
  d. In the order of class placing.

3. No animal of any specie will be sold before an animal of any other specie that placed higher.

4. Species will sell heavy to light and, additionally, steers will sell tall to short.

5. Animals will be sold by the head, except steers which will be sold by the pound.

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